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The World Helpline swung into action immediately following the first proprietary information received on the Covid 19 Pandemic in January, providing around the clock information and assistance for Americans overseas as the only such worldwide network.

The World Helpline continues to arrange emergency housing, medical care, and assistance to Americans trying to go home, as well as local government assistance, emergency food, masks, transportation and more

Since 1951, The Japan Helpline has been the only 24 hour emergency service for the international community in Japan.

In addition the partner The World Helpline operates 24 hour service iin 60 countries worldwide.

No salaries paid and the only expense is maintaining the 24 hour emergency response infrastructure.

When a problem cannot be taken care of over the telephone or online, one of nearly 20,000 local volunteers is there to assist on site wth emergency assistance.

“From anywhere about anything, anytime – from a simple question question to emergency help, since 1951”.

As we enter our 43rd year The Japan Helpline urgently needs help to pay our telephone charges – it is expensive to run 24 hour service – and to upgrade our services including app to handle the dramatic growth in online requests for help.

We need to clear the due telephone charges by the end of the year and upgrade our equipment and infrastructure and create the buy the end of the year.

In addition to 24 hour emergency services The Japan Helpline operates Japan’s only Disaster Relief Vehicle, a 30 foot converted motorhome which goes to disaster areas as needed and is available 24 hours day for the international community operated by The Japan Emergency Team, currently operating its 93rd disaster response since 1989 as the first Japanese organization to operate an overseas disaster response.

Any gift large and a small is deeply appreciated and we ask your kind help tor all needed by the end of the year.

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