Bridges Academy Re-envisioned

Bridges Academy has been the home of transformed lives for over 8 years, and thi…

94% funded
$25,000 goal
ISIS Killing Iraqi Christians

Urgent help is needed to fund The World Helpline Project that has been working o…

99% funded
$11,250 goal
Provide a Fresh Water Well in Ethiopia

Securing and managing access to clean water and poor sanitation is the biggest c…

0% funded
$6,500 goal
Hope Center For Orphaned and Abandoned Children

Central Africa is known for its high number of war orphans, child trafficking an…

0% funded
$25,000 goal
HBI India Cyclone Recovery

The HBI campus has crippling damage. Many trees have fallen, damaging walls and …

0% funded
$5,000 goal
Swaziland Sustainability (CHE Business)

Help create sustainability in the Swaziland Community Health Evangelism ministry…

32% funded
$2,000 goal

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