Desert School Choice Scholarship Fund

Our Vision is to inform, encourage and equip parents seeking an alternative to t…

1% funded
$10,000 goal
Change The World Diplomacy Course

Siya Siboto (the son of Sisanda Siboto) has been given the opportunity to partic…

59% funded
$3,500 goal
The America Project

The America Project is run by a fearless, battle-tested team of entrepreneurs, s…

0% funded
$5,000,000 goal
Ethiopian Genocide Emergency Fund

The Ethiopian Government attacked the Tigray province of Ethiopia on Nov. 4th, b…

94% funded
$50,000 goal
Japan Earthquake 2021

Japan Church Loses Part of Roof in Ten Year Anniversary Series of Earthquakes…

2% funded
$50,000 goal
The World Helpline Needs Your Help!

The World Helpline swung into action immediately following the first proprietary…

17% funded
$50,000 goal
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