Bridges of Hope South Africa Covid Emergency Relief

EMERGENCY RELIEF: The Covid-19 crisis has caused a massive lockdown throughout t…

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$15,000 goal
Indian Missionary to Japan

Support An Indian Missionary to Japan In the 6th Century Buddhism came to Japan…

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Zimbabwe Covid-19 Lock Down Crisis

The Darkness: In Zimbabwe we are continuing to be in serious lock down with limi…

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$2,500 goal
Training Christian Leaders in Developing Nations

We believe the IGSM (International Graduate School of Ministry has a unique oppo…

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Christians Devastated in Beirut Bombing!

Christians Devastated in Beirut Bombing! A massive explosion hit Beirut Port…

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Japan Welcomes President Trump!

Furious at the insult to our President, and mirroring the London blimp where a c…

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The World Helpline Needs Your Help!

The World Helpline swung into action immediately following the first proprietary…

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