Calvary Chapel SJ Battling Persecution

Mark Mohr of Christafari, wrote "Is this really happening in the USA? Please pra…

1% funded
$1,990,000 goal
Million Village Challenge: CHE

The Million Village Challenge is a global partnership initiative to end poverty…

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$1,000,000 goal
South Sudan Starvation Response

The year 2020 seems to be one we would like to put out of our memory forever and…

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$30,000 goal
The River Covid Relief Fund

River Family as we continue to be surrounded by the impact of COVID 19 in our co…

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Bridges of Hope South Africa Covid Emergency Relief

EMERGENCY RELIEF: The Covid-19 crisis has caused a massive lockdown throughout t…

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The World Helpline Needs Your Help!

The World Helpline swung into action immediately following the first proprietary…

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