Asian Access Plans to Launch a New Country

Asian Access Plans to Launch a New Country

A beautiful country sits like a jewel in the center of Southeast Asia. Ruled by a totalitarian regime for decades, it is home to a growing population of Christians with a vision for growth. What do they need most to move forward? Skilled, trained, and mature leadership.

When the current regime came to power, this nation lost nearly 90% of their experienced Christian leaders. Over time, new generations of leaders have emerged in the country and persevered despite significant restrictions. In fact, the church here is growing at a rate of 6% per year.

Christian leaders in this country have a vision to reach their fellow people throughout the region. While 7,000,000 people live within the country’s borders, nearly 25,000,000 more of their ethnic and linguistic brothers and sisters live throughout Southeast Asia. ReachNet seeks to reach over 30,000,000 people for the Gospel.A2’s core benefits—to Develop Mature and Effective Leaders, Multiply Believers and Churches, and Be Part of God’s Transforming Engine in Society—provides qualified leaders with both the inner-life depth and practical ministry skills needed to move the Church forward. And A2’s commitment to long-term relationship is fundamental to transforming the ministry paradigm of a country, twelve leaders at a time.

Our first training cohort in this country will begin December 2013. But resources are needed. It’s one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. $65,000 in startup costs needs to be raised to move the program forward. You can help us to not just change, but transform the nation for Christ, twelve leaders at a time.

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