Projects that Make A Difference

21,000 people die from hunger and that number is expected to grow significantly due to the global economic crisis caused by Covid-19? Buck4Good wants to make every day count. Each project selected on Buck4Good is an important cause and something worthy of raising money for. Impact is now in your control. You give and share with others about the projects that are important to you.

About The Projects

  • Android and IOS Apps are coming for Mobile-Friendly Campaigns
  • Weekly Projects
  • Sharing with others on social media with a single click

Pricing and Fees

  • Best %’s in the industry (lower than GoFundMe):
    • 2.35% Buck4Good Platform
    • 2.9% + .30 Payment Processing
    • Total: 5.25% .30 per donation

Support Projects

The projects you support will be displayed in your account and personal history page. This way you can go back and see an overview of how much impact you’ve had.

Mobilize Your Network

After you have given, share the projects you support with your friends and family on Facebook, LinkedIn, via email, Twitter and more. This will multiply your gift, which harnesses the power of social networking. Check your account throughout the week and see the impact that you and your network have made. Your legacy can be made through a simple click of the mouse!