Zimbabwe Covid-19 Lock Down Crisis

The Darkness: In Zimbabwe we are continuing to be in serious lock down with limitations for those entering the country or testing positive for Covid-19. The quarantine facilities often don’t have running water and very limited food, so many people are scared to be tested or to go to the hospital. Thankfully, one of our Lasting Impressions Zimbabwean board members, Darlington, is helping to get a hospital revamped and equipped to help with this crisis in Harare. We are hearing of more people that are absolutely desperate for basic food needs. The desperation has resulted in despair. An elderly aunt of one of our staff committed suicide on Sunday, because she hadn’t received food for weeks and felt completely isolated.

The Light: Recently we were contacted by an organization in Harare to help with food distribution for desperate families in our community. This week we were able to distribute 100 food packs to very needy folks in our immediate more rural area as well as some for folks in Rimuka, Ngezi, and Waverly (all high density areas in the community around Kadoma). We have special permission from the police and social services to be able to do this, and we are excited that the Lord is using us in this way for such a time as this.

Because Lasting Impressions is in a unique position to have served several churches in our area through camps, we have great relationships with the pastors. The last distribution was done through 4 churches and at Lasting Impressions for the rural folks. It was done based on information sent by the pastors and friends that saw significant needs. We had a clear list with names, ID numbers, phone numbers for follow-up and information about the home situation. We have permission from Social Services and the police to distribute during this time and can get police escorts where needed.

We were able to distribute to 100 families, however, we realized that we were just scratching the surface of the need. We would like to try to meet more of the needs at this critical time and since we are not able to host camps, it would be a privilege to serve Zimbabweans in this manner. In order for us to give significant food packs to folks, we are aiming to raise $25 per family. This gives 10 kg meilie meal, 1 kg beans, 2 kg rice, 1 kg soya chunks, salt, 2 liters oil, kapenta (dried fish), cabbage, onions, flour, soup mixes, and tea leaves. We would like to try to help another 500 families or more if funds are available.

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