World Impact: Summer Camp For the Urban Poor

At World Impact we believe that camp is a magical place where youth run free from the violence of the city, where water balloons rain down from the heavens and where lake monsters tip the canoes of giggling teenage girls. Canoe, rowboat and paddleboat are not in the vocabulary of the youth from the city, so the ability to go to camp and experience new things is amazing.

Singer/Song writer Amos Lee says it best, “there is nothing more powerful than beauty in a wicked world,” and that is the joy of camp. Daily, urban youth are inundated with visions of the “wicked world,” so giving a child the gift of camp, the gift of beauty, of swimming, archery, snakes, fishing, crafts, swinging, and let us not forget three square meals a day, is creating not only a memory, but a glimpse of the Creator, a peek into the Ultimate Beauty, a chance for a relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is the reason camp is so magical and powerful. The truth of the Scriptures is so powerful that it transforms lives. Camp is about transforming lives by introducing the beautiful truth of Christ into the lives of kids who regularly see the wicked world first hand. At camp the world begins to fade and the power of Truth becomes a way of life.

Only $50 a day allows an urban youth to attend summer camp and have the t-shirt to prove it. World Impact inc anticipates sending 3,000 kids to camp this summer! To do this, we need to raise $750,000. Your generous support will allow a young man to feel as courageous as Daniel was when facing the lions. It will allow a young girl to feel as beautifully loved by her Creator as Esther as she boldly stood before the king. Thank you for your investment in the next generation of pastors and leaders in the city.

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