Wheels of Hope Save Lives

Wheels of Hope trains men and women, many of whom are homeless or impoverished, in skills of welding and metal fabrication. The welding profession is high paying. Experienced welders are in high demand and are hard to find. Through their training, the students build bicycle ambulances and bicycle cargo trailers destined for Africa.

Bicycles are the number one means of transportation around the world.

The traditional method of transporting the sick to a clinic many miles away is by stretcher or wheelbarrow. The ambulance is on wheels and attaches easily to the bicycle. A bicycle ambulance literally saves lives. It is estimated that one bicycle ambulance saves one life every week.

The cargo trailer can transport four times the amount of goods to market. The traditional means of transporting goods to market is by bicycle. The goods are strapped to the bicycle often breaking or damaging the bicycle from the weight of the goods. The cargo trailer is on wheels and attaches easily to the bicycle. The farmer can ride the bicycle and the cargo trailer to market. With the money earned at the market, farmers can use the funds for food, vital medicines and send their children to school.

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