Train New Believers in Unreached Areas of Nepal

When someone comes to Christ in unreached areas, it is extremely important that they
receive sound Biblical training as soon as possible. When people in these areas come to Christ, it is often the first time they have heard the Gospel. This means they have absolutely no foundation to stand upon. Sadly, many of these people fall away shortly after accepting Christ. For $5, a new believer can be trained in a local church by a local Pastor. We are seeking finances to train 1,000 new believers in Nepal. This money will empower indigenous Pastors to train the very people they are leading to Christ.

The nation of Nepal is one of the most unreached and isolated nations on earth. Many villages are high up in the mountains with no roads, meaning they have no access to the Gospel unless someone intentionally plants a church in their village. We are strategically networking, planting churches, and mobilizing leaders all across the nation with the end goal of bringing the nation to 2% Christianity. If you partner with The Movement International to train new believers, you will be a part of building a strong foundation for the church in Nepal. Only through early, intentional discipleship can the church in unreached areas of Nepal thrive. Would you please consider making a strategic investment by ‘adopting’ a group of new believers at $5 per person?

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