Stop Human Trafficking In India

In the region of Bihar India there are over 52 villages where the sole income is earned through commercial sex. All females, ages 5-25, are the lone earners for the whole village. There are no fathers in the villages, as all children are born through prostitution. Mothers, brothers, aunts and uncles solicit clients for these young females. In the homes, all children are regularly sexually abused from the earliest of ages, often indoctrinated through videos and alcohol. Government has overlooked this problem since there are loopholes in the current laws regarding prostitution and it produces a vast income stream.

What can we do?

Community Bible Church in Folsom is partnering with an Indian National Ministry with the end goal of planting a church in one of these villages. The missionaries will conduct an after school program for kids that are caught in the sex trade. In this program the kids will get basic education, some needed meals and the opportunity to hear and experience the power of the gospel as the Bible is presented by the missionaries. The point is that the love of Christ through caring Christian workers can be shared with an unreached people group. It is our hope to begin a job training program for these women, once they decide they would like to leave this occupation. Money raised could both build a church building as well as give monthly support for the children of the village to be part of this program.

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