Spirit of Martyrdom: Empowering Women in India

India is a country of a billion people, with the world’s largest gap between rich and poor. Daily living presents unimaginable challenges for those living in India who are widowed, orphaned, or poor. Most affected by poverty and social inequality are India’s women and children. Due to the cast system, women tend to be mistreated and neglected. Many women in India have little to no formal education. Therefore, without a husband to provide, protect and care for them, widows and single mothers find themselves in very vulnerable situations.

The Lighthouse Discipleship Sewing Center is a ministry that teaches widows and single women a trade as well as addressing their spiritual needs. The Lighthouse provides Biblical discipleship in a loving and nurturing environment. Due to the inequality of India’s cast system, these women do not have an education or do not have the means to learn a trade. These heartbreaking circumstances force many to go without food or beg for money and they find themselves in desperate situations. The Lighthouse is teaching these women a trade, which enables them to provide food and clothing for their families and share the love of Christ with others. 

There are presently 30 women in the Lighthouse Sewing Center this semester. God has placed it on our hearts to commit to providing each one of these ladies with their own sewing machine. (The cost of each sewing machine is $100 dollars.) Would you like to help?

Because of YOUR help…The Lighthouse Sewing School is changing lives! 

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