South Sudan Starvation Response

The year 2020 seems to be one we would like to put out of our memories forever! Yet we can’t ignore the ongoing plight of the poor, especially those in rural areas all around the world. David Beasley of the World Food Programme recently warned that upwards of 300,000 people may die of starvation each day secondary to COVID-19. People have lost their jobs in the cities because of COVID-19 related lockdowns. These city jobs also supported families who remained in villages. The money for supplies is no longer available. Seeds reserved for next year’s crops are being used up, leaving no reserves for the future.

In South Sudan, the situation appears even more desperate. The country has faced war for decades and was able to form its own government in 2011. Two years later, civil war broke out and has led to a refugee crisis in which over 2 million people have fled, the majority being women and children. It has been reported that food rations have been cut by 30% and starvation is in the future. This has led to family break ups, thievery, and even the selling of children.

Global CHE Network is asking for your help. Our focus is development, but in times like these, relief is necessary. A gift of $4 will provide the following for a refugee in South Sudan:

• Food for a month for one person–this includes child-led households, widows, people living with disability
• Covid-19 education for a community which includes Hand washing stations, soap, masks and training for the prevention of respiratory viruses
• Community development options for an entire village
o Food and education will be delivered by faith-based organizations with development workers in the area and a long-term commitment to the villages they serve.
o These development workers are funded by their organizations and trained to use asset-based approaches that enable people to solve local problems using local resources. They have a proven track record helping villagers improve the health and prosperity of their village. They train and equip villagers to diversify and increase agricultural production, add value to local products and create small businesses, improve health through clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and provide an elementary education for all children.

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$1,770 raised of $30,000

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