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Today for Tomorrow South Africa (T4TSA) is a Discipleship, health and HIV and AIDS prevention program, targeting children of 14 years and under. It runs a 3 year cycle of children’s curriculum lessons. The program aims to contribute significantly to childrens’ discipleship, to health and an AIDS free generation through HIV/AIDS awareness, health lessons and by instilling godly values. It seeks to reach out to the whole child physically, spiritually, socially, mentally, and in their emotional development.

The Today for Tomorrow ministry will assist with the implementation of these above-mentioned aims in various countries in the Region of Southern Africa working specifically with church denominations, organizations and communinities. It will seek to develop children and build character, minister to orphans and non-orphans; finally, children with disabilities and in difficult circumstances will be given special care and support for their well being.

In Southern Africa most Church denominations do not have a well structured and organized children’s ministry – a sad reflection of the zeal of children’s ministry. T4T is a well proven ministry already established in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland. It is designed to integrate well into the African Church and community and effectively reach many children in many centers simultaneously.

In making T4TSA available to partner churches, organizations and communities the Regional Facilitator would like to work together with them towards Christ-centered character building and ultimately an AIDS free generation. This will be achieved by sharing the vision with SIM Country Directors as well as Denominational Leaders, training willing volunteers into a core training team which is able to multiply itself in various locations, while organizing for translation of the training manual and first-year lesson book into the main local language in each targeted country. The Southern Africa T4T Missionary Facilitator, will share the vision with SIM country directors and SIM partnering church denomination leaders, train core training team, organize for translation of the training manual and first year lesson book into major local language in each targeted country for implementation

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