Sierra Leone: Disabling the Power of Ebola


The very word strikes fear and confusion into the hearts of those who hear it. The deadly virus has crossed borders, and now oceans, leaving thousands in its wake. Sierra Leone is one of the countries decimated by the horrors of this virus where Women of Hope International has worked since 2009 restoring dignity, instilling purpose and providing life transformation through Christ for more than 300 disabled women in a predominately Muslim society – one of the most vulnerable people groups in West Africa.

In a country without a stable health care system, the virus continues to devastate an already fragile structure with more than 800 news cases diagnosed per week, and poverty-stricken Sierra Leone is now facing a food shortage in addition to this health care crisis.


For only $20 you can provide emergency supplemental food packages, education and discipleship for women affected by disability and her family for one week. Your support during this critical time of evacuations, quarantines, curfews and new government policies that have stopped everyday functions such as harvesting crops will ensure they have food to eat, appropriate preventative information and assistance should their families become infected.

Your impact will also be DOUBLED with a matching grant from a generous donor.

Many women have made significant strides over the past five years in becoming financially self-sustaining, but the severity of this crisis has set them back.

Please stand with us in prayer and with these women during this difficult time. Disable the power of Ebola by supporting a woman and her family today.

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