Christmas for Syrian Refugee Children

There are over 1.3 million Syrian refugees in Jordan and over 50% of them are children. The number is overwhelming, but each represents a real life, just like ours.

During this Christmas season Syrian refugees are living harsh winter conditions. The situation in Syria is getting worse and many more refugees are crossing the borders into Jordan. Most refugees spread throughout the country living in the poorest of conditions. There is a growing number of Christian refugees as Islamists are more and more targeting Christian Syrians. So far there is no light at the end of this dark and cold tunnel, but maybe we can light a Christmas candle in the hearts of few Syrian children and their mothers showing them we care and we love them and tell them above all that Jesus loves them.

Christian Jordanian relief and outreach ministers are serving the refugees day and night; we want to bless those as well. As we support Syrian refugees in Jordan we shall not forget poor Jordanians who suffer and are forgotten.

This project, if fully funded will provide the following relief:
– 100 Christmas goody bags for kids x USD 20.00 = USD 2,000
– 100 toys and Bibles for kids x USD 35.00 = USD 3,500
– 10 washing machines for refugee mums x USD 350.00 = USD 3,500

How much would you like to contribute?
Payment Method
$779 raised of $9,000

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