ROCKHarbor South Africa January 2014 Short Term Team

This coming January, a team of fourteen will be traveling across the world to South Africa. While in country, they will be working alongside the organization, Bridges Of Hope. This work will entail: ministering in the township of Sweet Home, leading a retreat for orphans and vulnerable children, and teaching leadership skills to the students at Bridges Academy, a boarding school for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

This work that will take place the week before school starts for the year, is continuing a thriving five-year partnership of community development in the township of Sweet Home. In Sweet Home, the team will engage in home visits, will assist with the small businesses within the community and will be helping at the informal school started by residents of the township.

Since 2007 when this partnership was started, in an effort to help them transform their own community, ROCKHarbor has sent twelve teams and over 200 people to work alongside these residents of Sweet Home. To accomplish this goal of allowing community members to create sustainable change, over 80 residents of Sweet Home have gone through a community development training process, allowing them to mentor and teach their fellow community members.

Because of this six-month volunteer training, many have found jobs! This is a huge blessing because the number one need in the community of Sweet Home is that of employment. In addition, a number of residents have started their own small businesses, which these short-term team members help train for.

An informal school has been started and an orphan and vulnerable children group is thriving. The process of sustainable change continues. Please help the current team raise funds for the community development process.

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