Rebuild a School In Cameroon Destroyed By Fire

A devastating fire destroyed our school and all of our educational equipment in Kumba, Cameroon. With your help, we will rebuild and refurbish it. In Cameroon the fee for vocational training is too high for poor children to afford. We believe it is the duty of Christian organizations like ours to solve this problem. We started Light and Life vocational school in Kumba, Cameroon to help widows, their children, poor families, orphans, the needy, street children and young mothers to learn a trade.

Light and Life held training classes in computer software and hardware, networking, hairdressing, dress making and styling, small business management, electronics and electrical repair, woodworking and secretarial services. We believe such training enriches them intellectuality and helps them develop their career paths. Such will be a benefit to them their entire lives, and will also benefit the community as training these young people helps build the future of the Nation.

Training youth helps fight crime, prostitution and illiteracy and helps them have a higher standard of living. Training widows is particularly important because they need employment to take care of their families.

Light and Life Mission provided inexpensive and often free training to Cameroonians through its Vocational School in Kumba. Because of it, many people have had the chance to receive training and acquire employment.

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