Reach the Rest

Reach the Rest is an initiative of EPIC International that exists to link Global Partners in developed countries with “proximate” field partners in North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East in order to effectively take the gospel of Jesus Christ to those people groups that remain unreached and unengaged. We currently have two field coordinators and 12 church planters engaging 14 people groups within the geographical boundaries of Mali and Burkina Faso, West Africa (our Central Sahel Region). There are 22 people groups in these countries that remain unengaged. FINISH MBF is a project, which if properly resourced, will result in the effective engagement of all 22 remaining people groups while also offering the possibility of reproducing churches that will reach them.


The total cost of the three-year project involves support, training, technical resources, and operational direction for 44 church planters (an estimated two planters per people group) at a total cost of $331,610. Funding requirements (per year) can be broken down as follows:


YEAR ONE / Church Planter Support – $79,200 + Training – $2,000 + Technical Resources – $28,600 (start-up costs) + Operational Direction – $16,470 = $126,270


YEAR TWO / Church Planter Support – $79,200 + Training – $2,000 + Technical Maintenance – $5,000 + Operational Direction – $16,470 = $102,670


YEAR THREE / Church Planter Support – $79,200 + Training – $2,000 + Technical Maintenance – $5,000 + Operational Direction – $16,470 = $102,670

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