Provide Safety To Families in Need

Safe Families for Children (SFFC) practices Biblical hospitality by hosting vulnerable children and strengthening their families in crisis through a network of neighborhood churches motivated by compassion. Families experiencing homelessness, addiction, and joblessness frequently are disconnected from healthy systems of support leaving children vulnerable to neglect and abuse. The SFFC movement across the US is rooted in the belief that the safety/health of our community children is the responsibility of each one of us. SFFC believes that connecting parents to healthy relationships is the key to providing long-term safe environments for their children.

· SFFC provides an overwhelmed and resource-limited parent with a safe, temporary place for their child without the threat of losing custody. Providing relief can avert potential abuse/neglect, reducing the number of children entering the child welfare system.
· Many parents struggle because of limited informal social supports and unavailable extended family. Host families become the extended family that a parent never had.
· Volunteers serve without financial reimbursement. They are recruited from faith communities. Their faith is the primary force driving for their involvement.
· The safety of children is paramount; the objective is to provide a safe place to any child as long as they can adequately be cared for in a family setting.
· SFFC is committed to strengthening families so that parents can be Safe Families for their own children.

· On average, the cost of caring for a child for a week in Safe Families for Children is $100. Your donations will help provide meals, clothing, and a safe home for children in crisis, and will make it possible for even more volunteers to be part of the Safe Families for Children movement.

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