Precious Kids Center (for Disabled Children) Kenya

Precious Kids Center is a children’s home located in Kitale, Kenya that caters to children with disabilities. We serve children with a wide variety of disabilities including: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus as well as those with physical disabilities as well. These children are often seen as a curse and hidden away instead of receiving the love and care that all children deserve. Many children at the center have been abandoned, neglected and abused simply because they were born with a disability, others come from loving homes where their parents simply do not have the knowledge or resources to be able to provide them with proper care.

Our goal is not only to care for these children at the center, but also to educate their parents, families and communities about proper care and acceptance of children with disabilities. We have an integrated preschool program where children with disabilities are given the support that they need to be able to grasp new concepts and still are able to learn, play and laugh with their peers. We are encouraged to see how well they are all getting along and accepting each other for who they are and hope that these children will carry their experiences at our school into their adult lives.

God started leading us down this path two years ago and every minute has been a blessing knowing that He has placed these children in our hearts and lives because they are precious in his sight. It is a blessing to celebrate with them as they make huge victories that others may view as only little improvements and to embrace them for who they are and show them God’s love because of how much love we have been given.

Precious Kids Center just purchased a plot of land and these funds will help them to begin building classrooms and a house!

An anonymous donor is going to MATCH all the gifts that come into this project, so spread the word and let’s help them bust through the 100% mark!

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