Pastor Training in Kenya

The Gospel of Christ is spreading like wildfire in the African country of Kenya. Thousands are coming to Salvation and many new churches are being formed. This rapid infusion of new believers, however, is putting a strain on both pastors and church leaders alike. A critical shortage of trained Christian leaders is threatening the continued growth of this explosive revival movement. An average Kenyan pastor possesses little or no formal theological or church leadership training, but is still required to lead and feed his flock.
Last year a group of Hispanic ministers and some graduates of Centro Hispano Estudios Theologicos (CHET) traveled to Kenya to initiate a comprehensive training program for Kenyan pastors. The two-and-a- half year program provides important and much needed training in basic pastoral theology, church leadership and community outreach.
As the students in Kenya progress through their studies, we are scheduled to return there on April 4th to help them begin the next trimester of study. Our overall travel budget for this trip is $16,000. In addition to providing travel for our instructional team, this amount also covers the local travel expenses for the Kenyan pastors who will be receiving the training. Praise God that a local U.S. congregation has stepped forward and offered to provide $7,500. of that amount! That still leaves us needing to raise an additional $8,500. in order to make this important trip.”
The time is running short before our scheduled departure, but we are continuing to trust God and look to our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ to partner with us through prayer and financial giving,  helping to ensure that these Kenyan pastors receive the training and mentoring they need to do the eternally important work that they have been called to do.”     
PLEASE Consider helping us by doing the following (3) things:
1. PRAY for the Kenyan pastors who are studying to be more effective Christian servants and spiritual leaders. Also pray for our instructional team, for safe travel and effectiveness in this mission.
2. GIVE – Please consider standing with us financially by making a donation
3. PLEASE help us introduce others to this important ministry and financial support opportunity by SHARING this link with your friends and contacts on your social networks.
God Bless you!
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