Myanmar Orphan Home

Stopping Human Trafficking in Myanmar by Preventing It!

Myanmar is a country that has many deep needs, but one of the biggest is human trafficking. Human trafficking rings prey mostly on children who are orphaned or separated from their families. Many end up like the little 9 year old girl from Myanmar found in a brothel in Bangkok, chained to a bed, forced to service 25 to 30 men a day. This has got to stop and we cannot ignore it!

For only $8,000, together we can build a house that two churches in the city of Yangon can use to take care of the kids they have rescued. Right now the pastors have around 10 kids living in each of their churches with them. One of the pastors is losing his rented house and he needs a place to go. He has struggled to buy a piece of property but has no money to build a house. With the house in this project we will put all of the kids together and even have room for around 20 more. These kids will not be trafficked!

The church in Myanmar is already doing it’s part, now through we can do our part to prevent some of these little ones from being taken and sold. Together we can give them a chance to grow up in the loving arms of Jesus!

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