Motorcycles for Cameroon Pastors

In Cameroon, missionary pastors must travel from mission church to mission church every week. These mission churches are often deep in the jungle of Cameroon. Taking the most direct route on foot leads pastors through dangerous areas including wet lands, thick brush covered paths and over risky foot bridges. It is possible for the pastors to reach the mission churches by taking roads which lead close to the missions, and then traveling into the jungle on more established dirt paths. However, this would require much more time on foot, time these busy pastors cannot afford.

To solve the problem, Light and Life Mission would like to purchase reliable motorcycles for the pastors which would be capable of traveling on Cameroon roads and dirt paths as well. A Honda dealer in the U.S. has recommended a motorcycle model that appears ideal for the travel conditions in Cameroon which would allow pastors to reach the mission churches more quickly and with reduced travel hazards.

The Honda CRF250L has off-road capability as well as on-road capability. It is comfortable for long rides on roads and dirt paths, which the CRF250L’s long-travel suspension is built to handle. This model motorcycle gets up to 77 miles per gallon, critically important when traveling the distances the pastors must travel.

Each Honda CRF250L motorcycle will cost approximately $5,800 plus shipping. There are six pastors in need of this kind of transportation at Light and Life Mission, but those with the most difficult mission routes will receive their motorcycle first as funds are raised.

Pastor Sone Charles, the lead pastor at Light and Life Mission, says that many Christians of the small mission churches will benefit from the missionary pastors having reliable and fast transportation. Pastor Charles is also a member of the City of God Villages organization coordinating the project.

The website address for City of God Villages is  To see the Light and Life Mission’s web pages click on “Cameroon.”

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