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125 miles southeast of Orange County, CA lies a different world. The stretch of mountainous terrain between Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico, is a community marked by poverty. 40% of the people there live below the poverty line. The average income per family is $80 per week. Mother Theresa has said, “of all the places I’ve been in the world, [this area of Mexico] is among the poorest.”

Rock Harbor’s partner church in a colonia outside of Tijuana, Mexico has created a program for children from 8 to 18 years old, which gives them a place to feel safe, give them essential life skills, and receive the gospel. Many kids in this area come from poor and/or broken homes, which often creates an environment ripe for children to look to drugs and gangs for meaning and purpose.

The Mizpa Rangers brings the youth together as a family with purpose. They are developed in many different aspects of their lives. They learn about good nutrition, exercise, social skills, and God’s word. We need support to help them develop sustainable ways to keep this program going. In our partnership with Mizpa we desire to prepare them to be able to make money on their own to help feed the children in their neighborhood, and support the Rangers’ programs. Their community is developing plans for drinking water sales, tortilla sales, t-shirt screen printing and more. Join with us in empowering this community to solve their own challenges.

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