Building Leaders on the Front Lines of Vietnam

In Vietnam, Christians make up less than 2% of the population. They live in a nation of 88 million people and churches here are growing and enthusiastic. Pastors in Vietnam are starved for support – especially godly models who will encourage and counsel them – and for Christian resources. We would show you their faces, or provide a video to introduce them to you, but this can be dangerous for them as the government works hard to control and repress the growth of Christianity. Nearly every Christian leader we know in Vietnam has at some time been imprisoned or at least brought in for questioning.

Through this Buck4Good project, four seasoned cross-cultural professional mentors with CRM (Church Resource Ministries) will be funded to travel to Vietnam from nearby Asian countries for 2 weeks every 2 months. They meet with more than 30 local pastors and evangelists in small groups as well as one-to-one.

The participants highly value this kind of relational input, and pay their own costs to participate. All the money from this Buck4Good project merely covers travel costs for the mentors. The participants say things like, “I have always dreamed of having a mentor like this,” and: “Every pastor in Vietnam needs this kind of training.” There are four nwe groups of pastors waiting for us to start mentoring with them in 2014.

You can play a part in empowering the Vietnamese Church by sending mentors to their leaders! The Vietnamese are hungry for godly leaders who will believe in them and advise them on how to grow and be good mentors themselves. Please help us help them.

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