Launch a Sustainable Africa Film and Media School

What does life look like through the eyes of an African? These are the stories we hope to capture. No one knows their story better than them, they should be the ones to tell it. Our vision is to educate, equip, and inspire African to dream big and share themselves with the world. Because with every great story lived, comes a greater story told.

Why Film?

Film is powerful. It transcends culture and speaks like nothing else. It’s both art and education. It has the power to lift up and unite. It can reach the hearts of millions. But every great film starts with a story. Something we all have. It’s time somebody heard theirs.

The Plan:

Global advancement in technology is everything. Most Africans aren’t able to communicate with the world because of the lack of technology. Educating locals with technical skills provides them with a specialized craft, that no only expresses their creativity, but allows them to enter a currently untapped job market. Awakening Africa’s voice enables them to be heard, and participate in the world of social media.

The majority of our time will be spent in both Gulu, Uganda and Cape Town, South Africa. We’ve already established a network of partners that are willing to provide us with places to stay. And while we plan to spend most of our time scouting building locations and drafting our course curriculum, one of the main areas of focus will be in engaging the locals and discovering their stories.

But we need your help to do it. We are hoping to raise $10,000 to help fund this trip and supply our needs for travel. Please consider giving and help us to illuminate the many untold stories the the world needs to hear in hopes of awakening the eyes of many.

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