Kenya Peace and Reconciliation Project

Community Border Peace is a project of Joshua Generation Ministries, a local Christian missionary organization working in Turkana and West Pokot Counties in North Western Kenya. Our vision is to promote peace and reconciliation between Turkana and Pokot communities through a spiritual and nonviolent approach of prayer and the Word of God. We seek to end decades of fighting, bloodshed and misery that have resulted in insecurity, poverty and lack of economic development in this region.

According to 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 and 2 Chronicles 7:14, we believe that reconciliation and healing of the land is the responsibility of the church. By incorporating human rights education and awareness, we seek to foster peace in the entire community i.e. among the youth, children, church leaders, community leaders and people in remote villages. We use strategic prayer warfare, Jesus film, music and drama and human rights education seminars to enhance unity and integration of Turkana and Pokot communities.

The latest peace conference was held in Eldoret in March 2015 that brought together Turkana and Pokot church leaders. Such meetings have bolstered cooperation and unity among the church leaders and an eagerness to see peace restored to their land. This second half of 2015 we plan to run peace campaigns throughout the Turkana/Pokot border area, the corridor of fighting and bloodshed. The campaigns will see us hold peace meetings in thirteen different locations on either side of the border mobilizing approximately a thousand women and church leaders and reaching approximately ten thousand other people through Jesus film.

We are raising funds to promote peace and reconciliation between Turkana and Pokot communities to help end decades of bloodshed. People are dying almost every day along the border. For this second half of 2015, we shall be targeting two groups of people, women and church leaders. Women because they together with children are the most affected in this conflict, and churches leaders because they have impact in the community. We plan to visit a total of thirteen locations; seven on Turkana side and six on Pokot side of the border and hope to mobilize approximately a thousand women and church leaders and reach more than ten thousand people through Jesus film.

Through this outreach we will be able to reach between 6,000 – 8,000 school children with the hope of Christ during our peace campaign.

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