ISIS Killing Iraqi Christians

Urgent help is needed to fund The World Helpline Project that has been working on the ground in Iraq since March 2003.

The region has been suddenly overwhelmed with 200,000 Assyrian Christian refugees who have been driven out of their homeland. 

Christians are living in utter fear in Iraq as the radical followers of ISIS terrorize and murder them.

The Project is meeting the emergency needs of the refugees by providing food, blankets, medicine and basic services.

In addition to emergency supplies including bottled water, canned and instant foods, rice, powdered milk, blankets, soap and shampoo, the Project urgently needs donated airline miles and used iPhones, iPads, and laptop computers to manage the relief efforts.

Please help them all by praying and giving what you can, and inviting others to do the same!

Those able to donate airline miles, devices and other gifts in kind are asked to contact for local sending information.


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$11,258 raised of $11,250

Spread the word and help them reach their goal of $11,250

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