Introducing Leaders to US Neighborhood Transformation

Support a church or neighborhood Leader for $10 each day of a two day conference introducing how they can transform their neighborhood in all areas of life. Our goal is to hold 10 such two day trainings for 200 people throughout the year.

Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation (CNT) trains and coaches leaders to transform their neighborhood in all areas of life. CNT helps form networks among groups doing NT to learn from each other and join together to transform their city from the bottom up.

These neighborhoods expect to see:
• Transform neighborhoods from the inside
• See people take responsibility for their own lives
• See a reduction in crime, drug abuse, and alcohol addiction
• Encourage people to know their neighbors and help each other
• Promote healthy, growing churches
• Bring about improvement in employment
• Promote hope, health, and empowerment that results in
positive and meaningful changes within the neighborhood

$4000 is needed to train 200 leaders in 10 new cities to transform their neighborhoods.

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$50 raised of $4,000

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