Before I Am Taken

For a $5 donation it is possible to help stop one child from becoming a victim of Human Trafficking.

Before I am Taken started its first project in a remote region of Nepal in May of 2013. This area is a hot spot for Human Trafficking. When complete our Nepal project will stop several thousand women and children each year from being taken into Human Trafficking. Our radical transformation method not only educates each village about slave trade tactics, we also help to transform each village we work with. We will help them become independent in every area of their need.  We will help each community be self sufficient in their need of water, food, wellness, education and income generation. Lacking in any of these areas makes them vulnerable to Human Trafficking.

We are asking for as many $5 donations as possible to reach our  $10,000 goal to complete the first year of transformation and Trafficking education for our FreeNepal village.

This is a big task but you can help by giving one buck at a time. Share this great cause with your friends and as your giving network grows your power to help grows.  Give to our cause through Buck4Good and help stop Human Trafficking.

Freedom  starts with you.

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$260 raised of $10,000

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