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Hi everyone, Before going further I will like to introduce my self, My name is Peter, from The Gambia west Africa, I am a young boy age of 18 years old. I am living with my little siblings, it has been many years since we lost our mother, who was a struggling single mother, and the same time was battling with cancer, sadly she couldn’t survive it. I don’t know how to say this, but I will talk straight from my heart, and as a life changing process I know it will not be just easy for everyone to understand, but yet such is life, my mother was an amazing strong woman, who battled her life with depression, and more. Some words are unsaid, it is so hard to remember them, all my mothers children are my half siblings, although I love them forever and never consider them otherwise, they are all I have, and we have each other for life, fatherhood is not what was possible for us as our mother was a single mother.

I fought for so long without her and I’ve been through a lot. I struggled for so long, I can remember I was only 9 years old when I start selling at the market, that was the hardest thing to do, I do all that to fight with my mom, to feed the family, I could see a lot of love, sorrow, depression and pain in her eyes,
as she was helpless. Society fails a lot they don’t show love, all they do is maltreatment, but my mom was a strong faithful woman, she was right about so many things, she told me fighting them back will not solve anything nor will we survive it, she asked me to do what I could do and leave the rest to God and that’s the word I’ll never forget my whole life, she never stopped praying for my guardian angel. I thought it was a word to comfort us, because at that time it was really hard to believe anything as a kid and getting bullies from other kids, I learned to speak English all by myself, I try to read as much as I can from any book I see, my mom hobby was reading, so that helped me a lot, and lately was given a phone from one of our neighbours who was going to university, he gave me his old one, with he internet access I was able to meet the guardian of angel my mother was talking about in her sick bed, the brother in Christ who told me about Really there is no word that can express the kind of appreciation I have for him, gratitude is a must, I am so thankful for everything, your support with fund-raising is not the only thing you help us with, but your heart for us, the kindness you shown us, is outstanding, you make me believe that there are still positive humans in this cold world, this world is unfair, I remembered when everyone bully us of being a homeless which is not our fault, we can’t just help it, we are from a third world country, and a very crazy society where believes taboo and totems are taking very seriously, we are some how considered as a padlock family, I can’t change that thought in them, they just have that believe and some how looking at my mom as a witch, that’s just a lunatic side of them, as well as illiteracy, because Doctor told me earlier it was cancer, they haven’t know anything about that, and seemed they are not interested to know, well my suggestion is to end the situation we are living, and glad to reach out to get a house of our own, since its not possible to pay monthly rent,
we asking help from people to raise please, 725,000GMD 14,500€ euros, $17,053 needed to buy a house for us,
I can have shelter, a roof over our head with my siblings, this will be a dream come true, please donate if possible for you.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for your time, may lord show you the way to help us out may you never experience such hard life or your family in Jesus name I pray.

Well it’s been so much frustrating and devastating for us this recent months, we busy fighting for a place and food to eat that’s why this project has been created for us to ensure that our needs are been provided for us by good people outside. Right now we very sad as out grandma is in the hospital and needs treatment to save her life but what the hospital is asking can’t be provided by his poor and desperate family.

Right now we begging for assistance from anyone who feels this situation of us and wants to help you can please donate to our charity page named above to save the life of my grandmother.

Your prayers are needed here!
Thank you!

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