The India Project: Ending Bible Poverty

Of the nearly 7,000 languages in the world today, nearly 2,000 (representing 209 million people) do not have a single verse of Scripture.

The Choral Waves Storytelling Cluster is a project that seeks to end Bible poverty in nine of these languages, for people groups in various states of India.  Mostly tribal people of low social standing, they struggle with illiteracy and unemployment, and often forget the need for education in their quest for basic survival.   With very few Christians in the area (less than 1%), there is opposition to receiving the Gospel.  The majorities of these people are Animistic or Hindu, and have little sympathy for human suffering, family needs or spiritual darkness.  The few local churches in these areas have eagerly requested help in sharing the Gospel in the languages of the area.  

The Scriptures to be translated will be 24 key Bible stories, crafted in each of these nine languages, and will be told in face-to-face interactions.  The participants (“storytellers”) will in turn tell the stories they learned to others – family members, fellow believers, and unbelievers. 

The storytellers will also be trained in starting storying fellowship groups, which will grow the church and impact the communities at large.  After a final consultant check, the stories will be recorded and made available for digital distribution on mobile phones and mp3 players (like the Proclaimer). 

The project is planned for completion in 2015, with the potential of impacting more than 11 million people. The progress in these languages will lay a solid foundation for further Bible translation.

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