Educating Impoverished Children in Haiti

Grace Emmanuel School (GES) in Haiti has 260 students from neighboring poverty-stricken villages and 32 staff. I will be moving there in July for a minimum of 2 years with Jesus in Haiti Ministries (JiHM).

My main goal is to spread the love of Jesus through being a regular presence at the school, build deep relationships with the students, regularly visit their homes and families, keep JiHM ministry staff in the loop on families who need additional physical or spiritual guidance, and get them connected to our church (Victory Bible Church). It’s important to our ministry to make sure our students and their families are hearing the gospel on a regular basis, growing in their faith through fellowship and discipleship, and getting connected to our ministry. With our 260 students and each having between 5-7 family members, our ministry has the potential to reach over 1,000 people with the gospel message and encouragement to join our church for fellowship and discipleship. In doing this, we hope they would do the same with their own neighbors.

Another goal is to provide support and seek opportunities to increase our teacher and staff effectiveness. Throughout Haiti, only 15% of teachers at the primary level have basic teacher qualifications, nearly 25% have never attended secondary school, and about 75% of teachers lack adequate training; many with just a 9th grade or 12th grade education. Using my degree in education, I will be able to provide staff development opportunities that will bring new knowledge of methods and resources to GES staff. This could include one-on-one coaching, classroom observation, leading group seminars, or connecting our staff with in-country training opportunities. I desire to help equip these passionate teachers to become better and more effective at what they do.

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