Dare You To Move

God often calls the unqualified to fulfill His work, simply asking them to just say “yes” and let Him do the rest. We are four 19 year-old girls who simply said “yes” to a higher calling. Embarking on a road trip across America called “Dare You to Move” for two months, we are prepared to love the people of this Nation!

We willing be staying with churches in 25 different states, serving the church one day and allowing the Spirit to lead us to love people outrageously on the second day. We are going to be asking God to “dare” us to do things in His name, documenting the results through blogs, videos, and photos.

We invite the world to join us on an adventure of a lifetime! Any money donated will be used to accomplish the “dares” laid on our hearts, pay for gas, and food. God has laid on our hearts that we will be helping people out of debt, paying off people’s medical bills, and giving teen foster girls makeovers! While these dares me seem far-fetched, we know much more is to come, but we need money, prayer, and support in order to accomplish these things! We walk by faith knowing that God will provide every step of the way, and we hope that everyone gets involved in this revival that is in the making!
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Dare You To Move

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