Create a Sustainable Orphan Ministry in Zimbabwe

Orphans Guardian Angels (OGA) provides for the educational needs of orphans in Zimbabwe, affected and infected by the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS. Orphans Guardian Angel believes the greatest barrier of freedom is education and the greatest stumbling block for equality is ignorance. OGA is empowering orphans guardians (grand fathers/mothers) and the HIV/AIDS victims with income generating projects which they use their skills and resources to generate income that pays for their children’s educational needs.

Your gift will support our sustainability projects by funding wells, irrigation equipment, poultry farming, sewing machines, knitting machines, carpentry equipment and equipment for our fish farm.

This equipment and resources will empower the community and allow the profit to provide school fees for the orphans and the vulnerable children in our program.

OGA is a non-profit with a Tax-exempt 501(c)(3)

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