Clean Water For Dei, Uganda

We are a devoted group of teenagers who are inspired to provide clean water for poor villages in Africa.

We are currently working very hard to raise money to support a clean water system in Dei, Uganda, a fishing village with a population of 10,000. This village’s only reliable water source is Lake Albert. There are also several boreholes in the community, but many are broken and the water is salty. Through your support, we can transform the lives of the people of Dei by providing access to safe water.

Our mission at H4O is to inspire, empower and equip a movement of young people to change the world one person, one family, one village at a time by providing sustainable access to clean water to those in need.

Motivated by our Christian faith, our mission began with a simple challenge: to look beyond the comforts of our teenage lives and do something for others in need.

Our current goal is to help more than one million people around the world. Children and families in ten countries around the world are currently being helped by our efforts and the generous contributions of our supporters.

Donate today and receive the following perks:
$25 donation – H4O Aluminum Water Bottle
$50 donation – H4O Sweatshirt
$100 donation – H4O Water Bottle and Sweatshirt
$500 and above – Your name on our website as one of our supporters + A Sweatshirt & Water Bottle
(to claim your gift, send a note after you have donated to with your name and address and which perks you qualify for).

Why Water?
• 70% of the earth is water – but less than 1% is drinkable
• The average person can live only 7 days without water
• 1 out of 6 people in the world lack access to clean water – that equals 1.1 billion people
• 9 million people will die this year from lack of access to clean water
• Every 15 seconds a child dies from water related illness

How much would you like to contribute?
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