CHE Outreach to Ghana, West Africa

Outreach to the Volta region in Ghana will bring holistic development to over 2 million impoverished people living along the Volta river using the CHE: Community Health Evangelism strategy. It involes sharing the vision with leaders in chosen communities, training of trainers, selecting committees, training selected committee members on expectations, then the committee chose the community workers (CHEs). It is at this point that the community is ready for working with CHE Africa to begin to work on solving its own identified problems. This integrated, holistic approach and participatory learning process is used throughout the process of implementation.

At the onset of implementation, 3 communities were chosen, a team of two missionaries started work in 2012. We constructed a site that is being used as outreach center in avehime. We began to share vision with the people living around the base. We found that the youths were very receptive for us to reach the community. We thereafter began to use football to gather them. Over time, we had 49 youths join the “Transformation Club”. Out of the youths, we enlisted trainers that began the process of outreach. We were able to reach other 2 communties where the program is being implemented. Presently, we are working with eleven communities with a population of over 12,000 residents. Many families have now imbibed changes. This includes the creation of jobs through micro-enterprise development. They now sell farm produce, some added value to raw materials like production of plantain chips, some now purify water and sell as source of income, some now use the river to irrigate farm and able to produce food for families and also have extra foe selling.

Our goal for this project is to help children get education and live in good health. To do this we need chairs and tables for the new hall to be utilized as a training hall. The cost is $1200 dollars to provide 40 chairs, 20 tables, a flip chart and a printer.

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