CHE Nicaragua: Transportation & Business in One

The Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Association, Nicaragua, travels 7 hours to reach the group of communities where the CHE ministry is flourishing. Currently, we rent a vehicle for those journeys, but our goal is to own a vehicle that will provide our transportation and will house our own micro-business development.

*The CHE Association is committed to training and mentoring leaders in the northern communities – the van will get us safely there and back.

*The CHE Association is committed to becoming as self-sustaining as possible: we can rent the bus to missionary teams, tourists and locals, which will enable us to develop further micro-businesses to fund our ministry. For example, regional products, such as beans and cheese, can be bought wholesale in the north, and then sold in the capital for a profit. Other products, such as baking supplies, can be bought in the capital, and sold in the north, helping CHE women with baking micro-businesses, while still making a profit.

Our goal is that the van can pay for itself and earn income for the CHE Association, Nicaragua. This will help to make it possible for us to accept pending requests to work with 5 new communities.

We will also be helping some small micro-businesses in the CHE communities by allowing them to work directly with producers/buyers in the capital, Managua. Our ethical business practices will also serve as a model and a testimony to those with whom we deal. We hope and pray this will open more doors for evangelism.

Our goal is $17,000, which added to the $7,000 we already have, will give us enough to purchase our ministry on wheels!

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