Calvary Chapel SJ Battling Persecution

Mark Mohr of Christafari, wrote “Is this really happening in the USA? Please pray for Pastor Mike. In Acts 21, Paul was ready to go to jail for the Gospel. In 2021, our friend Pastor Mike McClure from Calvary Chapel San Jose is facing the threat of jail time for insisting on [exercising constitutional right to] preach every week and gather physically and unfettered as a congregation. Pastor Mike knows the Bible and the United States Constitution. He has clearly felt the Lord compelling him to obey God’s law over the laws of a rogue California county, and he kept his church open during the pandemic. Over the last few months Mike and the Church have amassed a whopping $1.6 million in fees and fines from the local government. Shame on the tyrannical County of Santa Clara, California for punishing a pastor for holding weekly gatherings! To add insult to injury, their bank is now defaulting on the mortgage for the church (that has always remained in good standing) and Pastor Mike has been given only 18 days to find a new lender! For those who believe in the first amendment [upheld by Supreme Court in Nov and Dec 2020], it’s time to rise up, stand up, and raise up our voices in defense of this heinous abuse of power against this congregation. I can’t believe we are in a time when tens of thousands can publicly protest without masks on, but hundreds cannot congregate in a Christian church. Please pray that Mike avoids jail time and all of the fees and fines are waived. Pray that a precedent is set for all other churches that wish to gather freely without government mandates or outright punishment.”

Instead of finding a new lender, let’s pay off the church’s loan. If 11,100 of us give $100, they are out of debt and can focus on the battles at hand and the mission God has called them to. Give whatever you can $10, $100, $1000 and let’s bless Calvary Chapel San Jose for standing up for the first amendment!!
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