Not Today Coalition: Fighting Human Trafficking in India

It’s true! Prevention is 90% of the cure. A child in school is safe, less likely to be a victim of human trafficking.

The Dalit people of India, formerly called “Untouchables”, number over 300 million and are the #1 target for trafficking into bonded labor and the sex trade.

A Dalit child who is educated is a Dalit child saved from human trafficking. Help us finish our school in Patharia, India! We have over 70 students currently attending school at a rented facility, as pictured. Also pictured are the Patharia school’s teachers standing on the site of our new school. The NOT TODAY COALITION has over ten years experience working with partners in India to provide education for Dalit children.

How do we help? With education.

• We BUILD permanent school facilities with full-time teachers in the villages and communities of India.

• We PARTNER with leaders in the struggle for Dalit freedom and equality.

• We PROVIDE opportunities for life-transforming education and life-restoring rehabilitation to victims of human trafficking and slavery.

• NTC is giving India’s Dalits HOPE.

We know our model works. We have 25,000 Dalit children attending 105 schools and have the opportunity to gain an English quality education that opens doors to a better future.

When a school is built in a community, the benefits reach far beyond the education provided to the children: the very fabric of the community is strengthened; the school becomes the center of the community.

• We see economic benefits as micro-loans are extended and new small businesses arise.

• We see churches spouting up around the schools; in one small town in the state of Utter Pradesh 86 churches and house churches followed the establishment of the school.

• We see the spirit of the community has been lightened and bolstered by the hope that comes from the school.

Dalits and their communities are persecuted daily all across India. Establishing a permanent school is a first step toward bringing change, hope, and healing to all those who live in surrounding villages and towns.

Our Goal is to build 1000 schools affecting 25,000 villages and communities by 2025. Join us today in getting one step closer to that goal by helping complete our new school in Patharia!

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