Bringing Missions Ideas to life through Infographics

We’ve all seen some amazing infographics online that help us better understand a complex topic. What if similar infographics were available to bring insight to global mission? Now they are and you can be a part of bringing one to life. The project is called Missiographics.

GMI is raising $900 with Buck4Good to sponsor one of our upcoming Missiographics. By giving today, you can be part of a community that makes this resource possible.

Every 2 weeks, GMI produces a new Missiographic to give new insight to people on mission using a variety of data. These special infographics help believers involved in mission activity to better understand their world and make decisions about their part in God’s mission.

Your gift can help bring this critical information to thousands of believers working around the world.

After you give, please go to the Missiographics Facebook page to share what type of infographic you would like to see next.

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