Bridges Institute Of Sustainability (BIOS) with RockHarbor

Bridges Institute Of Sustainability (BIOS) is launching this year in South Africa with the goal of helping ministries around the world become in-country sustainable.

This partnership with RockHarbor Church and Bridges of Hope International was born out of the huge challenges ministries have been facing during the world economic slow down. In South Africa alone, it is estimated that over 20% of non-profit organizations have had to close down due to lack of funds and especially the dependence they had on outside funding.

Bridges has moved toward 40% in-country funding and is on its way to 100% in the coming years. We want to partner with RockHarbor Church to continue that process and to help others to do the same.

We will hold 3 week trainings that will include equipping ministries in Community Health Evangelism (holistic community transformation) and intensive sustainability training. Ministries will be equipped with practical models including: Printing business, farming, catering and many more.

Your support of BIOS will help us to develop the models in preparation for our first training. Please give $10 this week and invite your friends to do the same! This is a gift that will have a huge return on investment as it helps others to become equipped to support themselves!

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