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Already, the Word of God has proven fruitful for the Branchu people. The Branchu church has grown five-fold in 10 years as translators photocopied and distributed draft translations of God’s Word in their language. Their neighbors watched the transformation. Branchu Christians didn’t spend money on spirit sacrifices. Liquor and gambling didn’t exhaust their resources or tear their families apart. The Branchu New Testament project pulled their language back from the brink of extinction!

Now teams from five of those people groups are translating the Bible for their languages alongside the Branchu. They’re eager to preserve their languages, and they hunger for this living God who gives personal peace.

Your Buck4Good investment gives crucial support to Christians in this region translating the Bible to bring change to their families and neighborhoods. Your gift today will produce fruit that lasts for eternity.

TWIG Cluster – South Asia
Speakers: 720,000 in six people groups
Project Goal: Complete Bible
Project Start: 2013
Estimated Completion: 2019


By connecting translation with poetry, songs and stories in a heart language, the Branchu team built a compelling foundation for Bible translation throughout this region. As a result, believers from four smaller language groups requested mother-tongue Scriptures.

“If we had the Bible in our language and could compose scripture songs and pray in our language, then we could win our whole people group to Christ!” one eager Yew speaker said.

This project swings wide the doors for cultural acceptance of the Bible, and shows its relevant message. It establishes the framework to translate more Bible stories, Scripture portions and the “JESUS” film.

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