Audio & Solar Bibles to Mali, West Africa

E-Tech Missions exist as an advocate for the unreached and unengaged people groups in our world today.  Using audio, visual, and solar technology, we go to the hard places and introduce Jesus in a language they understand. Because of technology, this can now happen!

The Senoufo people of Mali

Due to political strife and religious extremist, the people of Mali have faced numerous difficulties.  These difficulties have created unique opportunities to share Christ with those who are now seeking hope.

In partnership with Reach the Rest, our goal is to distribute God’s word in the heart language of the Senoufo people living in southern Mali. We have no idea how long the door will remain open and we need your help, today is the day of great opportunity! 

E-Tech Missions utilizes multiple heart language resources:

  • Audio Bibles (micro chip cards used in their cell-phones)
  • Solar powered Gospel Story-Tellers (recharged by the Sun)
  • Solar powered Jesus Film Projector pack (no electricity or generator needed)
  • Scripture booklets (in their own language)

4 ways YOU can make a difference today 

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