Afghanistan Rescue Operation

A coalition of Non-Profit Organizations with experience in Afghanistan, are collaborating night and day to evacuate as many Afghans as possible to neighboring countries. Multiple extractions are taking place daily. Refugees take with then only that which can fit in their pockets. It is similar to the Underground Railroad in many aspects. The cost of evacuating one person is approximately $1,000.

Lists and locations of Afghans to be evacuated have been made, and people are being added daily. It’s a grass roots and swift effort, as time is of the essence to provide a safe place of refuge. Efforts are being coordinated to move the displaced into official refugee centers in other parts of the world. The hope is to extract hundreds, if not thousands over the coming weeks.

Most of those on the list are Christians who have been vetted and sponsored by a trusted advocate. The list is not limited to Christians, however.

As we all lament these current events, we should ask, “What can I do to help? How can I get involved?” Christians on the ground are saying, “We need prayer for courage, prayer for protection, prayer to hold on to hope!” Let’s spiritually stand with them in prayer in their time of trouble.

Let’s also share our financial resources as we facilitate this unfolding Afghan diaspora.
We set up this fund through AXIA who can receive the funds, give a tax deductible receipt and transfer these to our operations people on the ground.

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$460 raised of $100,000

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