1,000 People Project: Raising funds for Ugandan Orphans

The purpose of the 1,000 People Project is to raise funds for and awareness of the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda. The 1,000 People Project was created by the Calvary Orphan Outreach Ministry, which supports a church, orphan home, and Christian school in Jinja, Uganda. The ministry has come alongside a church in Uganda in an effort to help them support the 22 orphans that live at the church as well as conduct weekly Christian outreaches to over 200 local children through Sunday Schools, sports programs, and Bible studies.

The local Ugandan church is also in the process of establishing a new Christian school near Jinja. This school will have a student body of approximately 500 students and will be bringing God’s word daily to these students and their families. The students will be building upon the solid foundation of Christian values to become the future Christian leaders in Uganda.

The fundraising goal for the 1,000 People Project is to encourage at least 1,000 people to make a donation of $55.00 towards the following ministry projects in order to help today’s children in Uganda become the solid Christian leaders of tomorrow

$20,000 to purchase a school bus/van for the new Greater Love Christian School

$10,000 to construct a water well at the school

$13,000 to construct a Children’s Church addition onto the Faith Community Church Sanctuary (the church currently has over 200 children attending Sunday School each week and has no facility to house the program

$2,500 to paint the church’s orphan home

$5,000 to renovate the church sanctuary by painting it and bringing electricity to the building

$4,500 to conduct a 2-3 day medical clinic in a poverty stricken area of Jinja

$55,000 Total Project Budget

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$50 raised of $5,000

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