Current Projects

Mission trip to Greater Grace Church Kathmandu, Nepal

This mission trip is part of a long-term relationship between Mountain Life Chur…

8% funded
$7,000 goal
Computers for Ethiopian Orthodox MA Program Round 5!

The 5th group of MA students at St. Frumentius Abba Selama Kessate Brihane Theol…

53% funded
$5,650 goal
Ethiopian Orthodox PhD Candidate Tesfay Hadera

You can help change the nation of Ethiopia by sponsoring Tesfay Hadera as a PhD…

62% funded
$4,900 goal
Ethiopian Orthodox Oxford PhD Candidates

Help change the nation of Ethiopia by sponsoring the first two PhD candidates in…

84% funded
$18,000 goal
Help A Missionary Minister In North Korea and Beyond

Joy Ross is a Missionary in training. Preparing to go as a Missionary to Asia…

0% funded
$30,000 goal
Ethiopian Orthodox MA Program Transport Fund

In the last 7 years St. Frumentius Abba Selama Kessate Brihane Theological Colle…

30% funded
$5,925 goal
Christians Desperate in Iraq and Syria

Cleansing The Middle East Of all Christians - UN Refuses To Help Christians…

58% funded
$20,000 goal
Swaziland Sustainability (CHE Business)

Help create sustainability in the Swaziland Community Health Evangelism ministry…

47% funded
$2,000 goal
Every Nation Stellenbosch

Empower a South African church that is making a huge impact in the college commu…

100% funded
$4,000 goal