Buck4Good Highligted in World Net Daily News

Buck4Good Highligted in World Net Daily News

The horrific images of persecuted Christians under attack from Muslim ISIS terrorists in Iraq are heart-rending. Many people wonder what they can do to help.

So now a pastor turned missionary serving in South Africa has organized a way for anyone who wants to, to get involved personally.

By donating funds to support the persecuted Christians in Iraq.

Buck4Good Founder Dennis Wadley says conditions faced by Iraq’s Christians are horrible.

“Our hearts have been broken at the terrible suffering of the Christians of Iraq. We have put the resources of www.Buck4Good.com and our many, many partners together to raise as much help as we can for this emergency,” he said. “Anyone can support the desperate plight of the Christians in Iraq being massacred by going to www.Buck4Good.com, making a pledge, and inviting their social networks to join them.”

Wadley, who also is founder of Bridges of Hope International, emphasizes that all of the money raised will go to the churches that remain in Iraq, where vast swaths of territory have been taken over by ISIS terrorists.

“The support is going … to provide emergency food, medicine and other supplies directly to the nearly 200,000 Christian refugees,” Wadley said.

Wadley said the effort came about, literally, as the result of a dream.

“I had a two-part dream a couple years ago about a social network to change the world. Buck4Good was the outflow of that dream,” Wadley said.

The site was launched in 2013 as “a fresh new way to help non-profit organizations harness the potential of crowd funding. Last year over $2.5 billion was raised through crowd funding and it is estimated that it will break $5 billion this year, with an even bigger percentage going to non-profits,” Wadley said.

“We created a faith-based version: Buck4Good.com and another version for all other non-profits called Buck4Change.com. We want to harness this amazing potential to minister to our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Let’s pull the stops out and raise millions to support them,” Wadley said.

Human rights activist and Middle East analyst Amir George said Wadley’s heart for Iraq’s Christians is a step in the right direction.

George, author of “Liberating Iraq: The Untold Story of the Assyrian Christians,” said his family history gives him a personal connection to persecution in the past and the present.

“To me the critical point is that it is through the local Assyrian church which makes all the difference,” he said. “A lot of people are coming in from the outside, but it is critical to strengthen and work through the local, historic church.

“Our family is from the … village of Mahoudi where my grandparents escaped just 100 years ago during the Assyrian holocaust when the Muslims slaughtered two-thirds of our people.

“I grew up with my grandpa waking up in the middle of the night screaming, even decades later. It was so terrible. What is happening now is just what Islam always does,” George said.

George said his entire tribe, the Tiari, was “devastated” when the Muslim Ottoman Empire went on its rampage through Assyria.

“Due to the economic downturn around the world, many non-profits have closed their doors or suffered huge losses of funding, but this generation has something to harness to turn that around that no generation in history has had, social networks,” Wadley said.

WND reported just days ago that a rally is being planned in Dallas to raise awareness of the plight of Iraq’s Christian community.

Organizers warn the Islamic jihadist army in Iraq must be stopped now, because it won’t be satisfied with conquering only Iraq.

“They’re after the whole world. They’re doing this to Iraq, but if they succeed, they’ll expand and they’ll even reach here,” said Pastor Jalil Dawood, a native of Iraq who now leads the Arabic Church of Dallas.

Tens of thousands of Christians have been attacked by ISIS in Iraq, with Muslim terrorists ordering them to leave their homes, pay a Muslim tax or be killed. Reports have documented women being sold into slavery, and even children being executed.

Christian families often, as they are forced to flea their homes, are stripped by terrorists of automobiles, money, assets and even medicines.

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